Insightful Tips to Help Engage Children in Spiritual, Meaningful Conversations


Did you know that we are hardwired for spirituality?

In a previous episode, we learned from Dr. Lisa Miller that 21% of our DNA is spiritual. This means we are hardwired for spirituality! We should know the best ways to connect spiritually with our children and how to help them engage in meaningful, spiritual conversations.

During this episode, Lee Ann elaborates on the following suggestions:

  • Purchase or create a mood flip book, a “how do I feel” spinning wheel, or emotion flash cards.
  • Make a homemade happy or sad tool using two rulers, two pieces of paper (cardstock works best), a marker, and either glue or tape.
  • Take small smooth rocks and paint a symbol on each rock that represents what the child is feeling such as a heart, a tear, or a smile.
  • Parents or caregivers can create a physical and spiritual space wherever the child feels most comfortable talking about spiritual things, shifting some power to the child.
  • When children are sharing their feelings, as best as we can, we should let the Holy Spirit guide them and not try to direct their questions or comments.
  • Ask questions instead of giving answers, start questions with the word “will,” and use “what if” wonder statements.
  • Pay attention to their body language and try not to show judgment or surprise.
  • Exhibit understanding, compassion, and acceptance when they are sharing emotions with you.

Resources: Spiritual Conversations with Children and The Spiritual Growth of Children Guide by Lacy Finn Borgo, and The Companioning Center.

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