Infants, Babies, and Faith: Planting Seeds of Love for Jesus from the Start


What are some practical ways parents can incorporate the name of Jesus into everyday moments with their infants and toddlers?

Our most important job as parents is to help our children grow closer to Christ. We can start this Christian parenting journey by preparing the soil for our children’s faith from a young age. By planting biblical wisdom deep in their hearts and minds, we can lay a strong foundation for them to build upon as they grow older.

During this episode, Lee Ann Mancini dives into the importance of preparing the soil, starting from infancy, to build a strong foundation in Christ. She shares practical tips and insights on connecting your child’s needs with the name of Jesus, from feeding time to playtime. Lee Ann also emphasizes the significance of including Jesus in daily routines, such as prayer, reading the Bible, and worshiping, so it becomes second nature for your child. She highlights the importance of inviting Jesus into every situation and the significance of building a solid foundation before age five when most of the brain develops.

So, how can we do this?

Start Early: From infancy, make a conscious effort to connect your child’s needs being met with the name of Jesus. Whether it’s feeding time, playtime, or bedtime, intertwine the name of Jesus with their experiences, fostering a deep love and relationship with Him.

Lead by Example: Children are natural imitators. Model prayer, Bible reading, and worship in front of your child. Make it a daily routine, and soon enough, they will want to do it on their own. You are setting the foundation for a strong Christian life by encouraging them to develop self-control and discipline.

Have Fun with Jesus: Incorporate Jesus into all aspects of your child’s life, including playtime. Act out biblical stories or situations with their teddy bears or toys. Make it interactive, engaging, and enjoyable.

By implementing these strategies, you can nurture your child’s spiritual growth and raise them to become strong Christian individuals who will continue to walk closely with Jesus even as they grow older!

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