Important Truth’s for Grandparents to Take to Heart


Please read, take to heart what it is like for grandparents, make
decisions in your church to support and help grandparents, and share with the grandparents in your ministry. 

If you are a grandparent, you know the following is very true – it is very different being a grandparent, than it is being a parent. As a parent you are the ones who decide what your family will, and will not do. You are the ones who are the most influential people in the lives of your children, you are the ones who are responsible for their well-being. Parents are the ones who decide if confident faith is handed to their children – or not. Parents are the ones who decide if they are a family who goes to church, if they pray at meals, if they focus upon serving others and living out your faith. These things and more are decided by parents.

Grandparents are the second most influential people in the lives of their grandchildren. While grandparents are able to influence and hand down confident faith, they must operate within the “parameters” the parents establish. For example, if the parents are not going to church, grandparents may be able to take their grandchildren to church – but typically this happens only if the parents give permission and IF the children want to go. Even if grandparents are so blessed to have their grown children focused upon handing down confident faith, it is still essential for these grandparents to remember the parents of their grandchildren are still the ones who are “in charge”. Plus, there are many grandparents who are told if they want to see their grandchildren, they may not talk to them about the Bible or anything which has anything to do with God. These are the “rules”. Parents are in charge and grandparents are able to share faith in active ways with the permission of the parents – or they risk losing contact with their grandchildren.

Grandparents are not the parents. Grandparents may not tell their grown children what they must do or how to do it without the permission of their grown children – it is essential and a much wiser plan to offer advice only when asked for it. Parents are the ones who decide these things – not the grandparents. It is very important for grandparents to understand, accept, and work within these “parameters” or they risk causing rifts in their family which may go on for years. 

People who are not grandparents do not understand this important truth. It is essential for grandparents – especially grandparents whose grown children do not hand down confident faith – to listen to, and get their encouragement, and equipping from people who are grandparents and who have the wisdom which comes from experience as a grandparent. People who are not grandparents do not understand these things and often give dangerous and harmful information. Listen to, and find your resources from people who are grandparents.

Now, whether your grown children walk with God – or not – you are still able to be a praying grandparent. You are still able to live out your faith by loving unconditionally those God has put in your family. You are still able to hand down confident faith, but may need to do so in ways where your actions speak louder than your words by modeling and living out confident faith. You are able to understand, accept, and graciously work with the parents of your grandchildren

 And, keep in mind, as John Piper said, just because you do not see what God is doing to answer your prayers to draw the ones you love back to Him, it does not mean He is not working hard to do exactly this. Do not underestimate what He is doing. Support your grown children. Live out your faith. Trust God. 

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