How We as Parents Can Overcome Fear and Doubt with Forgiveness and Love

“You are raising the next generation of kingdom changers – give yourself some grace; we’re not perfect. Step out with forgiveness and love and leave that fear and doubt behind.” – Billie Jauss.

Billie Jauss is the author of Making Room and Distraction Detox. She is a speaker and the podcast host of The Family Room. She inspires women with practical biblical guidance and challenging motivation to accomplish God’s best in their faith, family, and friends. Billie encourages women to live life to the fullest right where they are.

Key Takeaways:
  • She shares encouragement for mothers to learn how to put life’s distractions into perspective and allow God to do more in them, letting them embrace all the meaningful moments God has for them.
  • Learning to control the “right-hand syndrome,” which is constantly offering and volunteering to do everything, even if you are already busy.
  • Understanding that although external distractions such as spending time scrolling on Instagram or being on the computer aren’t necessarily bad, they can take the place of where God wants you to be.
  • The importance of parents understanding and processing emotional barriers that produce feelings such as fear, doubt, discouragement, or defeat that we cover up with external distractions.
  • The benefits of taking a 7-day journey of writing down everything you think about, feel, and process because you used Instagram or your computer to mask those internal issues.
  • We, as parents, are our biggest critics, and we sometimes can speak negatively about ourselves when we either fail at work, yell at our kids, or argue with our significant others, and that’s how doubt creeps in.
  • The steps to distraction detox: determine your internal distractions, evaluate your emotional barriers, terminate the toxins, outline a plan to identify, and execute the plan.
  • Ways to understand and overcome doubt as a parent and move forward.
  • We must learn to ask our children or husbands for forgiveness when we react with fear.
  • The three main categories moms fall into when dealing with negative thoughts about being a good mom or wife are fear, unbelief/doubt, and shame/guilt.

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