How to Transform Screen Zombies into Happy Kids with This Simple Parenting Hack!

“We are giving our kids so much more than what we are taking away from them when we do this detox.” – Molly DeFrank

Stay-at-home mom and foster mom of six, Molly DeFrank helps free families from their addictions to electronic devices. She holds a degree in international relations and worked as a press aide for former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Molly’s book, Digital Detox, offers guidance on setting the right technology boundaries for you and your family and how to effectively detox your children and transform their hearts to desire to have a life outside of screens again.

During this episode, Molly is confident that a digital detox is the best parenting hack she’s ever found and that it can completely transform your home!

Key takeaways:
  • Scientists have engineered dopamine release points into our kids’ apps and games, making it hard for kids to get the same amount of pleasure and happiness from anywhere else but their screens.
  • Electronic screen syndrome disguises itself as ADHD, multiple personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and other medical disorders, and 70-80% of the symptoms related to these disorders were resolved by a digital detox.
  • This detox allows kids to troubleshoot their boredom, problem-solve, form new and valuable hobbies, and revisit skills they were born with but have been deprived of due to too much electronic use.
  • The long-term consequences of our children over-using electronics are depression, anxiety, mental health, and the opportunity cost of what our kids aren’t getting.

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