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How To Train Your Dog To Sit

Sit is a basic manors foundation behavior that pretty much everyone wants

their dog to know. And the good news is, it’s easy to train. If you follow a few

easy steps. First of course you need your dog and some yummy treats, something

that they like so that you can reward them as they get the behavior correct.

Take some nice treats in your hand, have your dog in a standing position and just lure your dog into the sit position. (good)!

When they get into the sit position you’re going to want to tell them using

a very crisp and clear marker word such as ‘good’ that they did the behavior

correctly and they are going to get rewarded for it. You want to do a lot of

repetition (good)! so it’s easy for your dog. The movement is quite small it’s

just from the nose up over the head (good)! but hits the ground. You tell your

dog they did a good job and then you give them a treat.

Step two is you’re going to have a treat in both hands, you’re going to lure

(good)! with the food in your hand but you’re going to deliver the treat from

your other hand. This way you can get off of having to move your dog through

space with food sooner than later (good)! The food that’s in your hand becomes

irrelevant. Then you’re ready to just move your hand up and back through space

to get your dog into position. Then lets make sure we put the food away.

So that we make sure our dogs will pay attention to us and do this on a

visual cue without having to follow a cookie through space. Palm up (good)!

So I waited for him to do the correct behavior which was the sit. I didn’t want

his paws coming up. So if you see something you don’t like just don’t say ‘good’

and try again. Once you would bet your paycheck that your dog will move into

the seated position when you give him a visual (good)! cue, you’re ready

to put the verbal on.

Don’t rush that. Make sure that you’re ready to bet your paycheck. And then

you’re going to say the word and then follow it with a definition. Which is

your visual cue “”sit, good””. If he had not sat I would have simply given him

the visual cur. I don’t want to say sit, sit, sit. I want him to do it the first

time. So I’ll get him back into a standing position (sit, good)! With lots of

repetition eventually your dog will simply sit when they hear the word.

And that’s how to train a sit.


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