How to teach your dog to retrieve the remote

This skill is a game changer 😀

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Retrieve a Remote:

Step 1: teach your pup to grab a non-valuable object, such as a towel or blanket. Make it enjoyable by wiggling it around.

Step 2: set the object on the ground and have your dog grab it.

Step 3: gradually add distance. Work on running away from your pup when they grab the object, so they learn to bring it to you.

Step 4: once ready, add in different objects such as a remote, leash, harness, etc, and mark with the name when your pup grabs it

This is a complex skill that requires a lot of practice and patience. Only move forward to the next step once your pup is ready. If they aren’t successful, take a step back and continue to work on the foundational skills.

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