How to Teach Gelli Plate Printing | Photo Transfer Technique | Zart Art

In this video we create a photo transfer using gel plates. By using acrylic paint and a magazine cut out it is a simple process to transfer the image on to paper.
—— Contents Of This Video ———–
00:00 – Intro
0:20 – Materials
1:15 – Step 1: Apply paint
2:10 – Step 2: Place image
2:21 – Step 3: Remove access paint
3:00 – Step 4: Apply paper
3:50 – Step 5: Two layer transfer tips and process
7:50 – Closing ideas

We start by rolling out a layer of paint on to the gel plate and then pressing the image in the magazine on to the surface. Peel off the magazine image and the paint should show the transfer on to the gel plate. Press a piece of cartridge paper over the top of the plate to complete the transfer.

This activity could be extended by using multiple images on the one late or by creating background layers and completing multiple prints that are layered over the top of each other.


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