How to shoot a knuckleball | Learn CR7 free kick

How to shoot a knuckleball – learn knuckle free kick skills like CR7. In this video Joltter teaches you how to kick a football with the famous knuckleball effect. Knuckle free kick is one of the most advanced and difficult shooting techniques in football and today you will learn how to shoot knuckle free kicks like Cristiano Ronaldo in real life football matches. This step by step knuckleball free kick tutorial will help you with your shooting technique while also giving you lots of great tips on how to shoot a knuckleball free kick better than any of your teammates. Knuckle free kicks have resulted in tons of amazing goals from players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Juninho so watch this free kick tutorial right to learn how to knuckle a football and shoot those knuckleball free kicks!

Joltter learned how to shoot a knuckleball by analyzing Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous free kick goals. Cristiano Ronaldo has a unique way of shooting the ball and in this video Joltter breaks down how to shoot like Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is one of the professional players who has made knuckleballs famous around the world, and the CR7 free kick is perhaps the most iconic free kick style of all time. Watch this tutorial video right now to learn how to shoot a knuckleball like Cristiano Ronaldo!

This in-depth free kick tutorial teaches you how to kick a football with the knuckleball effect. Shooting a knuckleball is an amazing football skill to master if you want to score amazing free kicks in real life football games. Knuckleball free kicks work extremely well in football games because of its unpredictable movement in the air – which of course makes it more difficult for the goalkeeper to catch. Watch this free kick tutorial now to get some great tips on how to shoot a knuckleball. This technique has many names: knuckleball, knuckle, Ronaldo rocket… the list goes on and on but the main point is to achieve a knuckle effect on your shot by kicking the ball with the instep area of your strong foot. For more tips on how to shoot a knuckleball, watch this free kick tutorial now!

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