How to Raise Kids to Serve God Today so They Can Transform the World Tomorrow

“Everything you need for your marriage, for raising your children, and for yourself, it’s all there in the Word of God.” -Mary Garcia.

Mary Garcia is a family pastor and has a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling and has been a certified biblical and family counselor for thirty years. Her passion is to share deep and rich wisdom from her life experiences and biblical insights on how to raise godly children. Sarah Garcia, Mary’s daughter is a certified youth and family counselor and has a master’s degree in counseling ministry. She is passionate about counseling and discipling junior high and high school girls. Together with their other family members, they wrote the amazing book, Raising Families the Jesus Way.

During this episode, Mary and Sarah share their passion for helping Christian parents and families grow. They discuss their reason behind writing their book as a family: to reach as many families as possible to help them raise children today so that those children can transform tomorrow.

Mary touches on the importance of parents doing the work in themselves first to become the best godly role models to raise strong Christian children, and how everything is in God’s word. She also elaborates on something called “private life impactfulness” and how regardless of what you do privately, God will always reveal those things, and your children will eventually mirror the negative actions and words that you do and say, even if you do it privately.

Sarah discusses how our brains change and that our mind controls the brain, not the other way around. She shares tips for parents on becoming more aware of any strongholds or negative thought patterns and how they can rewire their brains to ensure they don’t unintentionally pass those negative patterns down to children.

“Being constantly in the word of God and meditating on his truth can help bring those negative thought patterns to light and can help to rewire your brain.” Sarah Garcia.

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