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Transcript: oh there are many people that have an
idea that if you’re born in a Christian
country that you’re a Christmas many
people have an idea if you have
Christian parents you’re automatically a
Christian but the Bible says you cannot
inherit Christianity it’s not my flesh
and blood nor the will of man there is
nothing that you can do to automatically
make yourself acceptable to the kingdom
of God you can go to church you can live
a decent life you can be a good for
illiterate person but that does not make
you a Christian you can have the
Christian characteristics but that
doesn’t make you a Christian there are
thousands of people in America tonight
they think they’re Christian but in
actuality they are not Christian in the
narrow sense of the term they’ve never
been born again they’ve never received
Christ into their heart and if they died
they would not go to heaven they were
Christian in a person that is had a
personal encounter with Jesus Christ
a Christian is a person that has made a
decision for accepting Christ as Savior
Lord you’ve accepted him give committed
your life to him now the first thing is
a Christian is a person that is made a
choice you’ve made a decision you’ve had
an encounter with the Living God do you
receive Christ into your heart that is
the first step in being a Christian has
that happened to you as there come a
moment in your life when you repented of
your sin when you acknowledge that
you’re a sinner when you say no God I’m
willing to turn from my sins and then by
faith you receive Christ as your Lord
and Savior now that’s the starting point
oh there many people that are trying to
live the Christian life but Christ us
live in their heart because a Christian
is a person in whom Christ well
but when you receive right the Holy
Spirit comes into your heart and gives
you a new moral nature and you have
power and you have strength to live the
Christian life now no one can live the
Christian life until first he’s been to
the cross and received Christ to see
Christ died on the cross by shed his
blood browses but you must come and
receive Christ that is an act of your
will intellectually you say yes I
believe but that’s not enough
emotionally you might have had a motion
experience but that’s not enough are you
will you must say I will receive Christ
I will give my life to Christ but then
after that something else must take
place the second thing is a change must
take place in your life the Bible says
all things have passed away behold all
things become you there must be a
definite change in the way you live by
changing your attitude a change in your
attitude toward God you must love God
supremely you must put God first in all
the choices and decisions of your life
they must be a change in your attitude
toward yourself no longer are you ego
sensing no longer are you selfish no
longer is everything done just for self
and to free self there must also be a
change in your attitude toward your
neighbor you must love your neighbor as
yourself and so there must be a change
in your life old things pass away behold
all things become new how many people
claim to be Christian but they don’t
have any peace in their life
there’s no love in their life
there’s no walk with Christ there’s no
thrill they get angry quickly they’re
sensitive they’re jealous they’re filled
with pride I tell you the Christian life
was never meant to be that way give your
life to Christ and make sure that it is
in your heart
some of you give your life to Christ
tonight for the first time others of you
can come and rededicate your life and
say tonight I’m going to surrender my
life to Christ a new and a fresh I’m
going to give myself to him you cannot
come to Christ anytime you want to you
can only come when the Spirit of God is
speaking and tonight the Spirit of God
is speaking to hundreds of people here
he’s speaking to you there you can give
your life to Christ right now and say
tonight I give myself to it many of you
at church members many of your Christian
but you need to rededicate your life to
yes right let him come into your life
and make you a new person change the
whole direction of your life you can do
it right now god bless you

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