How To Help Kids Grasp What the Bible Says About Godly Fear

The Psalms claim, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

It is in our human nature to be fearful of things, and those who don’t believe in Jesus need to fear the Lord, for they will receive his wrath on judgment day. But those who believe in Jesus can have the type of fear that creates a desire in our hearts to worship him and obey his commands, called Godly fear. It’s a fear that causes us to stand in awe of his great power and bring us closer to him. Although we are afraid of what is happening in our world today, let’s help our children understand they do not have to fear anything because God is in control. Our fear of the Lord is a fear that exhibits love and honor for his great power and his great love.

During this episode, Lee Ann explains what it means to have Godly fear, and how we can explain this to our children. She emphasizes Psalms and other bible passages that can assist you in teaching your children about Godly fear and love: Isaiah 12:2, 1 Thessalonians 5:9, 1 John 4:18, Job 4:6, and Revelation 14:7.

Resources discussed throughout this episode:
  • Fear of the Lord,” by Becky Roach is a great article that gives examples of situations where children can decide if the child’s actions exhibited fear of the Lord or fear of consequences.
  • The Video on YouTube, The Fear of the Lord – Sunday School Lesson for Kids, explains the fear of the Lord in an engaging way.
  • I’m Not Afraid, by Lee Ann Mancini is a children’s picture book from the Sea Kids series that helps children overcome their fears through faith.
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