How to Choose a Nursery Pager System


nursery pager system

What is a Nursery Pager System and how can it help you? A nursery pager system can be used as a telecommunications tool. Although it functions more like a radio, it is much easier to use. Pagers, chargers and transmitters are all part of paging systems. The radio signals are received by the pager from a particular paging network. The pager will either blink or vibrate depending on the signal it receives.

What is a Nursery Pager System?

The nursery pager system allows church staff to communicate easily with parents. Staff can call the parents by entering their pager number onto the transmitter. The pager will vibrate and blink to notify parents.

How to use a nursery pager system?

Pager systems can be very simple to use, believe it or not. When parents arrive at the nursery, staff should give them a pager containing a number.

Staff will then insert the pager number of the parent into the transmitter for emergencies. The transmitter will send out vibrations and lights to parents.

How can a nursery pager system be useful in churches?

It’s inevitable that there will be an emergency, so it’s a good idea to have a plan. Although cell phones are a great way to communicate, they might not be the best tool for your church’s nursery.

Parents might need to have their phones off or on silent mode in order to concentrate on the service. It can disrupt the church service and cause them to be the focus of unwanted attention.


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