How to Avoid Losing It With Your Kids


Do you find yourself on the brink of losing it with your kids? You are not alone. Read on to learn some tools on how to keep your cool.

Kids can push us to the brink. We can be just squeaking by, holding it together the best we can, and then something happens that just pushes us over the edge. Previously we talked about what do to when you have lost your cool. This post will address ways you can keep your cool before the explosion even happens.

Take preventative measures

Many of us are living our lives to the brim – it’s like we are walking around with a full cup of coffee, holding it out carefully as we weave through the challenges of our day. But all it takes is one wrong step or a slight bump and it can spill over and make a mess. With parenting, it’s so important to make sure that we are not running around with a full cup. We need to take preventative measures to increase our capacity for stress.

What does that look like? It looks like taking breaks – sometimes before you feel the need for it.

Try scheduling some pressure-release moments into your day (start with three 5 minute breaks, spaced out).

What is pressure-releasing to you is highly individual. You may need to be in nature. You may need some time alone. You may need exercise and movement. You may need the chance to just notice your surroundings – to breathe for a few minutes.

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