How Having Patience, Perseverance, and Perspective Can Help Transform Prodigal Children

“But what we need to do is look at our children and realize from an eternal lens that God’s got it. And his perspective is, ‘This is just a chapter in their story.’ And so, we must have that eternal lens and know that God is not finished with their story.” -Laine Lawson Craft.

Best-selling and award-winning author Laine Lawson Craft, a Fort Walton Beach, Florida resident, wife, and devoted mom, has partnered with God as she turns the impossible into reality, not just in her life but also in the lives of thousands. Her unique perspective stems from overcoming a dead marriage and financial ruin and witnessing miraculous healings and deliverance in her family. Laine’s newest book, The Parent’s Battle Plan: Warfare Strategies to Win Back Your Prodigal, ignites her passion for sharing her triumph over spiritual warfare with her prodigal children.

During this episode, Laine and Lee Ann discuss her newest book, The Parent’s Battle Plan, and provide practical insights and strategies for parents and grandparents navigating the challenges of Christian parenting with prodigal children. The Parents Battle Plan will help parents handle the emotional rollercoaster of trust, deal with a child’s bad choices, empower parents never to give up hope and trust in God, and encourage them to fight for their child’s future.

Laine gives valuable perspectives on dealing with defeating thoughts, finding patience and perseverance, and gaining a divine perspective when facing the “meantime” phase. She also dives into the importance of acknowledging and addressing denial and the significance of seeking professional help when necessary. As Laine emphasizes the transformative power of faith and prayer, her message serves as a reminder that no prodigal child is ever too far gone. Her powerful testimony is a testament to God’s redeeming love and grace. Her 3 Ps – patience, perseverance, and perspective – serve as guiding principles for anyone seeking to navigate the hardships of prodigal children.

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