How Can We Help Children Understand and Respect Authority From an Early Age?.

Do your children know how to respect biblical and social authority?

During this episode, Lee Ann delves into the crucial topic of authority and its role in Christian parenting. Recognizing the prevalent lack of respect for authority in today’s society, Lee Ann emphasizes the importance of teaching children to respect authority for their own well-being and their eternal journey.

Lee Ann discusses social authority and biblical authority and how we can teach our children that both are important.

She acknowledges that teenagers often question and challenge authority but reminds parents of their calling to rely on God’s intervention and guidance during these challenging times. She shares practical strategies to help children comprehend the consequences of disrespecting authority, ranging from discussing real-life news stories to exploring personal experiences. By helping children personally relate to the effects of disobedience, they can learn to develop a genuine appreciation for authority and its role in maintaining order and safeguarding society. We can teach our children how authority enables the establishment of protective measures such as law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and regulatory bodies that safeguard society from various threats, such as crime, violence, accidents, and natural disasters. Social authority, when exercised justly, ensures fairness and equality. It prevents favoritism, discrimination, and abuse of power by providing checks and balances in our government.

However, biblical authority establishes the foundation and significance of Christianity. The Bible, as the inspired word of God, holds the utmost authority in the life of a believer and serves as the ultimate guide for moral and ethical decision-making. It is the source of spiritual guidance, setting moral and ethical standards of righteousness and justice. It is important to help children understand that God’s word is true and that without respect for authority, they could bring harm to themselves and others. Here are a few of the many verses about biblical authority to go over with your children: Exodus 20:12, Romans 13:1, Hebrews 13:17, 1 Peter 2:13-14, and Titus 3:1.

As parents, we can make sure our children respect family, societal, and, most importantly, biblical authority!

Resources mentioned: “Preteen Ministry Lesson on Respecting Authority,” by Ministry to Preteens, and “Jesus Has Authority – Mark 1:21-28 Sunday School Lesson,” by Kristin Schmidt.

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