How Can We Help Children Build a Strong Foundation in Christ That Lasts a Lifetime?


Without a solid foundation, it can be hard to instill biblical wisdom and grow godly faith!

Often, we speak about raising children to have a strong, unfailing foundation in Christ, to stand up against this ever-increasing evil world. As parents and caretakers, we try our best to raise our children with a biblical worldview that can overcome the secular worldview influence that dominates today’s society.

In Lee Ann’s book coming out in 2024, she writes about a home called the sand palace. Here is an excerpt from her book that she elaborates on during this episode:

“Have you heard about the sand palace? It’s the name of a beautiful home built right on the shore in Mexico Beach, Florida. On October 10, 2018, Hurricane Michael, a Category 5 hurricane with winds reaching 160 mph, tore through and destroyed the Florida Panhandle. Mexico Beach was one of the hardest-hit areas where homes and businesses were decimated, leaving nothing but bare foundations. However, the “sand palace” home remained standing tall, largely untouched on its stilts above the carnage and destruction all around. Everyone wanted to know why this home survived in such pristine condition. The homeowners of the sand palace were wise enough to build their home to withstand 240-250 mph winds, despite Florida’s state code that requires houses to be built to withstand 120 mph winds. Instead of 30-foot pilings, the sand palace was built with 40-foot pilings made out of poured concrete walls with rebar and steel cables. The owners stated, ‘At every point, from pilings to the roof and everything in between, when it came time to make a decision about what level of material or what to use, we didn’t pay attention to code… We went above and beyond code…We asked the question: What would survive the big one? And we consistently tried to build it for that.’” The sand palace is a perfect analogy of Matthew 7:24-27.

During this episode, Lee Ann shares three ideas from her book to guide you in helping your children begin to build that strong foundation in Christ:

  1. When babies look into the mirror, say, “Jesus loves you!” You are connecting those happy emotions with the name of Jesus.
  2. When feeding infants, toddlers, or children, say, “Thank you, Jesus, for our food.” Nursing infants should hear his name and connect their needs with the name of Jesus.
  3. Make up your own family game. Play “Bible Verses” or “Bible Words.” On one side of an index card, write the first few words of the verse; on the other, write the whole verse. Show them the first few words of the verse, and then have your child finish the rest.

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