How Can Sportscasting Help Your Child Become Better Problem Solvers & Critical Thinkers?

Sportscasting is a tactic that gives children an opportunity to become better problem solvers!

Sportscasting happens when we take a back seat to a problem instead of participating in fixing it. When a sportscaster is reporting during a game, they are simply talking objectively about what is happening – they are not getting on the field and playing. We can do the same for our kids when they struggle with something and are trying to figure out a solution.

Six ways you can incorporate sportscasting into your parenting style:

  1. Give your child adequate time to solve the problem before jumping in.
  2. When they are becoming increasingly frustrated, empathize with their feelings.
  3. Sportscast even when you are the person who has made them upset.
  4. Encourage them to come up with solutions.
  5. Offer your own ideas and solutions if needed.
  6. Don’t belittle the situation.

Resources: “How Sportscasting Helps Your Children Overcome Challenges,” by The Parenting Junkie, and “5 Benefits of Sportscasting Our Child’s Struggles,” by Janet Lansbury

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