How Can Children Understand the Sanctity of Life When it’s Lawful to Kill Unborn Babies?

Don’t you think it’s a crazy name for a clinic that aborts children… Planned Parenthood?

Abortion is the killing of humans. Our children should understand what the sanctity of human life means. When we help our children understand the value of human life, it also helps them understand why it is important to be respectful and loving towards each other.

Lee Ann elaborates on the following ways to help children understand and honor the sanctity of life throughout this episode:

  • We can explain that because we are created in the very image of God the Father, we are of immeasurable value.
  • We can honor the sanctity of life by celebrating a loved one through the various milestones of life.
  • We can explain each beatitude that expresses that we are very blessed.
  • Have your child write a list of what they love about each member of the family, their friends, and the value of those who perhaps have not been so nice to them.
  • Help them see the good in the humans they have personal relationships with, and maybe they will learn to love the bully!

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