How Can Children Exemplify Honor If They Are Raised in a Culture Lacking Honor & Respect?


Do your children honor God?

The dictionary meaning of honor is high respect and great esteem. And to adhere to what is right or a conventional standard of conduct. And adhere means attachment or commitment to a person, cause, or belief. So, honor is to hold someone or something, or even some idea, in high regard by being attached or committed to a person, cause, or belief.

2 Samuel 2:30 NIV states, “Those who honor me I will honor.” Wow, God will honor us? The creator of all things will honor what he has made from the dirt of what he has created! Revelation 5:12 says He is “Worthy…to receive…honor, glory, and praise.”

Children can honor God by first believing he is worthy to be honored. Once our children realize who God is and what he has done and intends to do, they will want to honor him.

According to an article titled “The Scientific Benefits of Worship” by Lauren Hansen, when we worship and praise God, our hearts and minds are transformed. Praise is a restorative tool that lifts your spirit, helps us connect to God’s presence, and enlarges your perception and connection to God. Research has shown that you increase in wisdom as you worship, and your relationship with God deepens as you worship him. Just seven minutes of worship every day will change your brain.  Gamma waves are created in our brains when we worship to help us feel God’s presence. Gamma waves do more than just make us feel better; they increase our intelligence, too.

One way to teach our children how to exhibit respect and honor is to have good manners. We want to cultivate gratitude and appreciation in our children by teaching them the basics of saying please and thank you. We also can teach them by building a culture of honor in the classroom. If your child attends a public or private school or is homeschooled, instilling honorable actions and intentions is essential. Statistics state that a child spends 32.5 hours a week in school. This is where they learn to interact with their peers and adults in authority.

As we see from the statistics, it’s not just about respect and honor but also about our children’s mental health. According to Erwin Lutzer’s new book No Reason to Hide, he references Dr. Luis Rojos Marcos, who discusses these alarming statistics:

  • 1 in 5 children have mental health issues.
  • A 43% increase was seen in ADHD.
  • 37% increase in adolescent depression has been observed.
  • A 200% increase in the suicide rate among children aged 10 to 14.

Practice honor daily. Honor your child, parents, and spouse, and reward honor by acknowledging the good thing your child has done or said. And who knows, maybe your child will become the next adult to bring lasting change to a hurting world.

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