How Brain Waves Can Affect Your Child’s Ability to Listen to You

Did you know that you can cause damage to your children if you are hyper-critical during certain stages of development?

As parents, it is crucial to help our children reflect and learn from their mistakes in a warm and encouraging way, not by harsh words and punishment. This approach is much more beneficial for them to become better listeners.

Key Takeaways:

  • Theta brain wave dominates children’s brain function from age five and under.
    • Experts say that we can cause damage to our children if we are hyper-critical during this stage.
    • When our kids are at this age, they live in the realm of imagination where they can’t show signs of rational thinking yet. They aren’t likely to accept what you tell them is true because their imagination and reality are entangled.
  • The beta brain wave dominates brain function from age seven and onward.
    • This is when brain activity increases and we live in a world of conscious, analytical thinking, and our mind is awake/focused and able to think logically.
    • Adults spend most of their time in this cycle.
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