Holiday Tips to Help You Thrive Throughout the Christmas Season

Holiday tips can help you avoid burnout at Christmas. So read on to discover seven ways you can thrive this season.

This time of year opens up more opportunities to minister to first-time or occasional guests. It’s an exciting time when families come back to church—even if it’s just for one service. We know you realize how important their experience is. So you and your children’s ministry staff work triple hard to make things excellent and smooth. And that can be stressful!

Amid all that, you can wear yourself out. Don’t let that happen this Christmas! These seven holiday tips will help you not only survive but also thrive.

7 Holiday Tips for KidMin Workers (and Everyone!)

1. Make time for God.

First and foremost, don’t let your daily time in the Word and prayer slip away. Guard it with everything you have so God can pour into you.

2. Make time for friends and family during the holiday season.

It’s easy to be task-oriented at Christmas. After all, there’s so much to do. You need to connect with people who energize you (especially if you’re an extrovert).

3. Make time for yourself.

Carve out time to read a book that feeds your soul or imagination (especially if you’re an introvert).

4. Make time in your to-do list.

What can you not do this year? Let the annual Christmas card go. Or the cookie exchange. Or decorating the outside of the house. Put up 50% of your normal decorations. Buy pies instead of baking. Commit to a simple menu for holiday dinners so you can enjoy your family this season. Give yourself permission to do less!

5. Make every moment count.

Power-shop for gifts online. Ask family members and friends to tell you what they want—and even send links for easy shopping. That will take the stress out of the gift-guessing game. In a pursuit-of-peace opinion, avoid the malls at peak hours. Shop at off times; going late at night can be quite relaxing!

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