Hold on to God’s Faithfulness


We can trust God! This object lessons helps kids discover that our faithful God always keeps his promises.

Scripture: Titus 1:2

You’ll need:

  • Bible
  • sturdy rope
  • adult volunteer

Object Lesson for Elementary Kids


  • Have you ever made a promise?
  • Why is it important to keep promises?

With the volunteer, take opposite ends of the rope.

Say: I promise I won’t let go. Will you promise? Let’s lean back and hold on.

Ask children:

  • What if I break my promise?
  • What would you think of me if I let go right now?
  • Do you want to try this?

Have children promise to hold on as they lean back.

Say: If you had to hold this rope forever, you’d want someone who’d be able to keep his or her promise. We can trust that God always keeps his promises. Let’s read a verse from the Bible to find out why we can trust God.

Paraphrase Titus 1:2.


  • What does it mean that God does not lie?
  • How do you feel knowing that we can trust God to keep his promises?

Say: God keeps all his promises—including his promise to be our friend forever! God will never let go of us. Let’s thank God for keeping all his promises.

Close with a short prayer.

For Extra Impact

  • Ask: What does it mean to keep a promise? What happens when you don’t keep a promise?
  • Ask: Why do you think God always keeps his promises to us? Why should we keep our promises to others?
  • Give each child a small piece of rope as a reminder that God always keeps his promises.

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