Helping Your Child Understand That There Is Absolute Truth


It is essential to help our children learn more about the truth contrary to the prevailing view of relativism!

Little ones need to understand the difference between what is TRUE and what is false. As they grow up, we should explain to our children that some people believe that truth is subjected to how they feel and what they believe and not based upon the word of God.

Key takeaways:

  • Quick replies from Greg Koukl’s book, Tactics, to use when you are asked about your faith
    • Examples: someone says, “There are no absolutes.” You say, “Are you absolutely sure?” Or someone says, “God is meaningless.” You reply with, “What does this statement about God mean?”
  • Lee Ann addresses these questions and gives informative replies to respond to your child if asked: “When did time start? When did everything start?” (Ref. Genesis 1:1 & Revelation 1:8)
  • The definition of the word God is one who has always existed and is the first cause of all things.
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