Helping Kids Explore the Deep Connection between Music and God

The Bible says that in Him all things were created in Heaven and on Earth. All things… including music!

Music is a tool that allows us and our children to worship the Lord and grow in our faith. It heightens the emotional experience of something and can alter how we feel in the same manner as sugar or medicine. At times, we even take it for granted. Musical notation began in the monasteries of Western Europe. The Benedictines sang psalms, and they played songs for eight hours of worship at Mass daily, called the Gregorian chant. Music and faith have always been deeply connected. And the Bible says how in Him all things were created in heaven and on earth; all things, including music!

Psalm 95:1 states, “Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.”

We can help our children understand how important music is to God and how we can worship him through music. God created music; therefore, he is the author of it. He gifted us with it, and as with all his gifts, we should understand the history and the purpose of why God has given them to us.

When singing Christian songs of praise and worship, explain the meanings of these words to your children:

  • Gloria – is a word of praise that the angles used as they sang “Glory to God in the highest.” (Ref. Luke 2:14)
  • Hallelujah – is another way to say, “Praise the Lord” or “Praise God.” (Ref. Revelation 19:1)
  • Hosanna – This word means “Lord, save us!” (Ref. Mark 11:9)

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