Helping Children Understand Why We Suffer if God Is Good & Has A Plan for Us


“The meaning of an event isn’t fixed at the time it happens, but God can work to change that meaning.” -Bethany Sollereder

Dr. Bethany Sollereder (PhD & MCS) and her friend, Amber Salladin, both have a heart for helping children understand why there is suffering. Bethany specializes in theology concerning evolution and the problem of suffering, and she’s the author of the engaging book, Why Is There Suffering.

Bethany discusses how we often suffer because two good things collide in a way that ends up being bad and how nothing is wasted in God’s economy. She also explains two amazing stories about suffering, the story of Saint Francis of Assisi and the lesson of the old farmer. Amber talks about how we can help our children understand that sometimes good things can come from suffering and everything happens for a reason.

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