HEAVEN'S REWARD – Faith-Based Short Film (Official International Christian Film Festival Selection)

Jenna struggles with a speech impediment and endures relentless torment from her peers. Desperately wishing to be accepted, she tries her hardest to overlook the bullying. What she discovers is that faith is a significant motivator for perseverance.

Directed by: Raven Hamilton
Written by: Stephanie Plost
Produced by: Netosha Randell

Kelley Periera- Jenna
Brooke Yamada- Cassie
Haley Self- Kelly
Olivia Ver Steegh- Britney
Tori Bowman- Chloe
Kristina Thayer- Jacklyn (Jenna’s Mom)
Lisa Salsberg- Kathryn (Cassie Mom)
Jamel Vaughn- Preacher
Justin Tyler Jernigan- Voice of Jesus


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