'GOD IS SPEAKING' | Christian short film

Written and Directed by Joseph Landreth-Smith. Everyday, God is speaking to us through many different ways. God loves to speak to us, how do you hear from God? How do you hear God’s voice? Does God speak today? Through Prophecy, prophetic words and visions and dreams I think He does, the real question is are we allowing God the space and time and listening to Him?

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A 2020 Prophetic Word for you: https://youtu.be/KrZMVd3w-vE

This short film was inspired by this ‘How to hear God’s voice’ Vlog:

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This short Christian film (faith, religion, Holy Spirit, Miracles, vlog ) video stars my friend Matt, we are praying everyday for him as he recovers in Hospital, love you bro this is dedicated to you. EDIT: HE IS HEALED AMEN THANKYOU LORD!!!!
Sound by Josh Gagel AKA J Hevy https://soundcloud.com/j_hevy
Thanks to the Smiths for their flat and to Edward for his office!
Directed, produced and edited by myself.

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Instagram: @josephthedreamer__

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My name is Joseph Landreth-Smith, I am a filmmaker who loves Jesus! My youtube channel documents my personal relationship with God, I upload about once a week in 4K HD.

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