God Cares for Flowers and You!


spring object lesson
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In this spring object lesson, kids discover that just as God cares for flowers, he cares for them, too. Students will love this memorable, Bible-based children’s ministry activity.

Spring Object Lesson About Our Caring God

You’ll need:

  • Bible
  • individually packed flowering bedding plants
  • foam cups
  • potting soil
  • buckets or containers (1 per group)
  • scoops (1 per group)
  • spray bottles filled with water
  • markers
  • newspapers


  • If time is short, have soil or dirt already in the cups. You can also put each group’s items on a tray ahead of time. But remember: Part of this experience is to have kids help one another. So emphasize that aspect of the project.
  • Depending on the season, consider having flower bulbs or seeds for kids to plant rather than the actual flower. Still provide full-grown flowers for students to look at, smell, and touch.

Spring Object Lesson: Flower Fun

Have kids form groups of five.

Say: Planting flowers is a fun project. Flowers are beautiful, fun to care for, and rewarding to watch grow. I once… (briefly share an appropriate experience about planting flowers or gardening and why you enjoyed it).

Spread out the newspapers so each group is sitting on them and has a workspace.

Say: I have flowers to share with you today. Let’s pass around these flowers so you can gently touch and smell them.

Pass around the individually packed flowers. Share the names and different characteristics of the flowers. Encourage kids to gently touch the flowers and smell their blooms.


  • What kinds of things do you notice about the flowers?
  • Explain what you like about flowers. Why do you think they make people happy?

Care for Each Other

Say: Today we’ll plant flowers with our groups. Have willing kids from each group gather 10 scoops of dirt in a container, the scoop, plus one cup for each group member. Distribute two markers to each group. Then let kids each choose an individually packed flower to plant. Have all kids sit in their groups again.

Say: Each of you will write your name on the front of a cup so you know which is yours. Encourage older kids to help younger kids as needed.

Say: You’ll need to take turns planting your flower. Your job is to care for each other by helping and sharing within your group. When it’s your turn, put two scoops of dirt into your cup so it’s about two-thirds full. Then pass the scoop to the person next to you. Allow time.

Now that you’ve filled your cups with dirt, take a finger and poke a hole in the middle of the dirt. Gently remove your flower from the container. Place your flower in the hole. Then pack the dirt around the roots. If you’d like, you can spray your flower and dirt with the water.


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