Giving Thanks for a Great Year

Thanksgiving provides a unique opportunity to reflect on our achievements and express gratitude for the partnerships and progress that have enriched our journey. As we approach this Thanksgiving season, Oak Ridge Baptist Church is delighted to share what we’re thankful for this year and how our operations have been impacted. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Thanksgiving!

As we think about the past year, we’re grateful for all the things we’ve accomplished and the ways we’ve grown. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! Click To Tweet

Celebrating Our Achievements

This season, we’re grateful for the remarkable spiritual growth over the last year. From exciting missions to church growth, let’s take a closer look at the key highlights of the year God has blessed us with.

As we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving at Oak Ridge Baptist Church, we are filled with gratitude for the remarkable achievements we’ve accomplished together this year. From our thriving service programs to the successful mission trips that have allowed us to support those in need, it’s been a year of growth and positive change. 

We are thankful for the unwavering dedication of our members and the boundless spirit of unity that has driven us to reach new heights. This year has truly shown us the power of faith, perseverance, and the strength of our congregation. We give thanks for the wonderful journey we’ve embarked upon, and we look forward to the continued blessings and opportunities that lie ahead.

Valuing Our Team Members

At Oak Ridge Baptist Church, we believe our team members are the heart of our success. We’re thankful for our talented staff and the way they help our family grow. This past year, their dedication and hard work have been instrumental in growing our spiritual family. 

This Thanksgiving, we’re deeply thankful for the incredible individuals who make up our Oak Ridge Baptist Church team. Their dedication, hard work, and selfless service form the bedrock of our community. From volunteers to musicians, and youth leaders to all those working behind the scenes, their contributions are invaluable. We cherish our team members and their unwavering commitment.

Appreciating Our Church Family

Having strong relationships with our members is important for the health of our church. This Thanksgiving, we want to say how grateful we are for the trust and teamwork of our valued clients and partners. 

We are filled with gratitude for the heart and soul of our Oak Ridge Baptist Church—the incredible congregation that forms our church family. Your faith, support, and unwavering commitment to our shared journey are a source of inspiration. Read the encouraging words from one of our church family.

“Love this church, come give it a shot. Pastor Galen is a great pastor and this an all involved church, the attendance for ab classrooms and Sunday night and Wednesday service is high. The people here are great” – Alex King

Through the highs and lows, you stand beside us, creating a loving and welcoming community that uplifts and strengthens one another. We are profoundly thankful for each member of our congregation, for it is your presence, kindness, and dedication that make our church a place of solace, hope, and spiritual growth.

Happy Thanksgiving from Oak Ridge Baptist Church!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we just want to say thank you for being awesome partners. We hope this holiday season gives you a chance to relax and recharge. We’re excited to keep this journey going together. If you’d like to explore our services and chat with us, just reach out. We’d love to hear from you!

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