General Conference Printables for Kids & Families

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, you probably enjoy watching General Conference twice a year. Conference can be a revelatory experience if we listen with faith and take in all of the wonderful words of our church leaders. To get the absolute most out of these church meetings, try using the General Conference printables below to take notes, stay focused, or help your kids stay busy while listening to the talks. 

In this article, you will find:

  • General Conference Activities for Kids
  • Note-taking Pages for Adults & Teens
  • General Conference BINGO for Kids
  • General Conference Coloring Poster
  • New Testament Games & Activity Pages
  • Book of Mormon Reading Charts
  • General Conference Printables to Get the Most Out of Each Session

General Conference Activities for Kids

These activity pages are so much fun for kids of all ages. They will keep them busy while sitting and watching General Conference. A few of the activities include BINGO, a matching game, I spy, mazes, coloring pages, would you rather, conference questions, shirt and tie count, word search, tic tac toe, note taking, and many more! You can get this packet in color or a black and white coloring option! 

Note-taking Pages for Adults & Teens

general conference note-taking pages

There are two different packs of note-taking pages that are great for adults, teens, and young men and women. Note-taking is a great way to remember the speaker’s words and stay engaged while watching. 

Notetaking Pages – Option 2

General Conference BINGO for Kids

general conference bingo

This BINGO game comes included in the activity pack above, but we also offer it on its own if you would rather just get the BINGO game for your kids to play. 

General Conference Coloring Poster

general conference coloring poster

This giant coloring poster is fun for any age. Coloring is a great way for kids to keep their hands busy while they sit and listen to each speaker talks. The best way to have this poster printed is to send the file to a local print shop. It’s affordable and easy to do! 

New Testament Games & Activity Pages

new testament activities for kids

These New Testament activities complement the Come Follow Me guide for the year very well, and they are also a lot of fun to do while watching Conference. These games will get your kids talking, asking questions, and learning all about the New Testament and Jesus Christ. 

Book of Mormon Reading Charts

book of mormon reading chart

One thing that our church leaders always emphasize at every General Conference is the importance of reading the Book of Mormon. Grab a printable Book of Mormon reading tracker to help keep yourself or your family on track with reading. There are a ton of different design and day count options to choose from! 

We also offer a “delivered to you packet” full of games and activities for kids to play during General Conference. This packet comes with all kinds of goodies, and pre-printed activities for your kids, don’t forget to grab one before it’s too late! 

Final Thoughts On These General Conference Printables

We hope you and your family can use these printables to get the most out of the General Conference sessions. 

Be sure to use code 20OFF2ORMORE at checkout if you are purchasing more than one printable! 

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