Free Coloring Page: Jesus Feeds People

Preschoolers get coloring as they hear about Jesus feeding five thousand people. This fun activity will help them discover that Jesus cares about us! 

Scripture: John 6:1-14

Bible Background for the Leader

Crowds followed Jesus everywhere. They were hungry to see his miracles, to hear him speak, to learn from the Great Teacher himself. Jesus knew people craved all those things—and more! So he did what Jesus does: miraculously provided. Jesus fed thousands of people’s hearts and their tummies with only a young boy’s small lunch.

Jesus sees our longings, too. And only he can truly satisfy. Jesus cares about us, fills our hearts with his love, and sustains us with his faithful care.

Your young friends know all about hungry tummies and tearful needs. Together, discover Jesus’ compassion and care as you explore this miraculous story today.

Jesus Feeds People Coloring Activity

You’ll need:

What you’ll do:


  • What’s your favorite food?

In our Bible story today, Jesus did something amazing! He made a small lunch big enough for a huge crowd of people. Jesus cared about those people’s hungry tummies, and Jesus cares about us. 

  • Open your Bible to John 6:1-14. Tell the story as you look at the picture on the page.
  • Color the picture.
  • Crumple the small pieces of construction paper, then glue them to the people’s hands for “food.”

This preschool craft activity comes from Group’s Simply Loved Curriculum. You can find all Simply Loved resources here. Looking for more preschool activities? Check out these ideas!

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