Family Valentine’s Day Tradition: Creating a Love Jar


Families can start a new tradition this Valentine’s Day by creating their own “Love Jar.” It’s a fantastic way to encourage families to talk about what they love about each other and to keep everyone’s love tank full! 

Family Valentine’s Day Tradition: Creating a Love Jar

First, have families decorate a glass canning jar with stickers, ribbon, and patterned paper. Then cut patterned papers into strips and then give families enough strips so each family member can have their own, distinct pattern.

Next, encourage families to place the Love Jar in a special spot in the home.  Then explain that family members are to fill the jar with notes, quotes, and special affirmations for each person. On Valentine’s Day, sit down together, indulge in some chocolate, and read the notes as a family. Carry on the tradition throughout the year by finding special days to share the notes in the Love Jar. You’ll keep everyone’s “love tank” filled to the brim!

Juliette Fardulis
Loveland, Colorado

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