Family Night Ideas for Children’s Ministry and Community Outreach

Family night ideas are a hit for community outreach and congregational fun. Invite parents and children from the church and surrounding neighborhoods. Then gather for fellowship, games, snacks, and lots of laughter!

Depending on the size of your church and children’s ministry program, you can schedule biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly family nights. Recruit volunteers to help set up and clean up, run the activities, and provide light snacks and drinks.

Keep your family night ideas low-key (when possible) and low-pressure. These events can be free or low-cost. Another option is to ask for donations. Also include prayer time and set out Christian parenting resources for families to take.

At each family night, publicize worship services, Sunday school classes, Bible studies, and upcoming children’s ministry events. Make people feel welcome with these family night ideas, and then invite them to check out what else your church offers.

10 KidMin Family Night Ideas

Get creative and adapt these action-packed events to fit the needs of your church:

1. Family Game Night

First, let’s start with a classic. Board games are always a hit, so break out a variety of options. Then let kids and parents choose their favorites. Switch games at regular intervals so everyone gets a turn. Also mix up families so people can interact.

2. Family Scavenger Hunt

Have families set out on a seasonal or biblical scavenger hunt. You can either have them search around the church buildings and property or around a specific neighborhood. Enlist teens and other volunteers for assistance.

3. Biblical Escape Room Ideas

These family night ideas take a bit more prep work. But kids and parents will love solving challenges that tie in to Bible stories.

4. Family Movie Night

Movie nights are always a big draw. Just make sure to obtain the proper permissions to show a film at your church.

5. Craft Night

If older kids in your ministry love crafting, invite them and their parents to bring their supplies and create together. That way people can share ideas, enjoy conversations, and get to know one another.

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