Faith-Focused Fun: Summer Activities for Christian Families

“The father of a righteous child has great joy; a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him.” – Proverbs 23:24 

I would bet that most families are enjoying their summer breaks! Summer is a time for relaxation, exploration, and adventure. It’s a chance for families to come together, create memories, and strengthen their bonds. It’s also essential, during this time, to connect our children’s hearts and minds to Christ by having faith-focused fun summer activities.

Church Events

Church events are perfect for families who want to bond while enjoying faith-based activities. Churches often organize events such as picnics, potlucks, and game nights. These activities allow families to socialize with other families from their church. Check your local churches for anything they have planned!

Prayer Walks

Take a stroll in nature, appreciate God’s handiwork, and bask in the beauty of nature. I highly suggest reading Rooted In Wonder by Eryn Lynum. She masterfully connects scripture to nature and nature to our creator God. Explore the scenic views if you live near a park or a walking trail, and the side benefit is healthy physical activity for you and your children. More importantly, this is an opportunity to talk about God’s limitless power and wisdom, primarily as they reflect through nature.


Camping might be a perfect summer activity if you and your family love the great outdoors. Take this chance to have faith-focused fun! After all, nature is the best classroom to teach children about God’s creation. It is an opportunity to teach kids about wildlife, trees, and other outdoor elements and a great way to instill spiritual values through nature. Some campgrounds have evening chapels, campfires, and other faith-based activities for visitors.

Plan a Bible Study Picnic

You can make your Bible study sessions more enjoyable by doing them in a park, beach, or backyard. Prepare some tasty snacks for the kids and gather with your family, enjoying food for the body and soul. Bring a few games to play afterward to make a fun-filled picnic. This can also work well if you live near the beach; just pack sunscreen!

Hosting a Neighborhood Bible Camp

Hosting a Neighborhood Bible Camp provides a perfect opportunity for children to learn more about the gospel while creating a sense of community, building relationships with their friends, and maybe making new friends. While playing games and creating crafts, they develop an understanding of belongingness while possibly learning new skills. If you’re a parent who likes to hold events and organize fun activities for kids, this could be a memorable event that brings the kids back every year as they look forward to engaging in the activities and seeing their friends every summer.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

If mom and dad need a break from the kids, VBS is a summer program that churches mostly host. VBS allows children to engage in the Bible in a fun and interactive manner. Programs usually include Bible stories, games, crafts, music, and outdoor activities. It’s an excellent opportunity for kids to meet other children and learn about Christianity in an engaging, fun-filled way.

Volunteer Work and Community Service

Faith-focused fun doesn’t have to mean only playing games or doing activities with other children. We can show our children that serving others can be fun, too. Volunteering in a local church or organization allows us to demonstrate the love of Christ by meeting practical needs. There are many opportunities for families to serve together, such as feeding the homeless, visiting the elderly, or participating in church events. Volunteering strengthens our relationships with others and allows us to live out the great commission.

A great way to express our faith in action is by fostering animals. This is one way to teach children about serving the community and our furry friends! It’s an opportunity to show compassion, kindness, and love to a needy creature while sharing God’s love through your deeds. It also teaches responsibility; we all want our children to learn responsibility.

Mission Trips

Mission trips allow families to work together, volunteer, and help others in need while spreading the gospel. These trips allow families to serve God by serving people in other countries or local communities. It’s a great way to teach children empathy, compassion, and responsibility.

For more ideas, check out Tyndale’s article, 10 Fun Faith-Based Summer Activities for Kids.

Summer is a great time for families to create unforgettable memories while incorporating their faith into their activities. Whether participating in Vacation Bible School, going on a mission trip, camping, attending church events, or hosting a Bible study, there are plenty of ways your family can have faith-focused fun this summer and share the love of God with others!

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