Faith-Based Baby Names for Parents-to-Be

Biblical boy names abound, with both common and not-so-common options. Great Bible names for boys are available in both the Old Testament and New Testament, from A to Z.

For boys, baby names from the Bible can come from Bible books (Samuel, Isaiah, Matthew, John), Bible stories (Adam, David, Paul), and scriptural concepts (Hiram, for example, means “exalted brother” in Hebrew).

Today’s Christian parents can choose from a variety of biblical boy names. The meanings of these monikers are important for parents — and for the child himself. As Proverbs 22:1 says, “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”

Parents can ponder hundreds of biblical boy names, which work well as either first or middle names. Many different spellings are available too. So consider each name’s meanings, as well as what sounds good with your last name.

Be sure to welcome each new baby to your congregation. The church nursery and children’s ministry program can play key roles. Print customized baby dedication or baptism certificates for each infant. Volunteers can create baptism banners or other keepsakes featuring the child’s name.

Lists of Biblical Boy Names to Consider

For families playing the name game, the Bible is a rich source of possibilities. Check out all these lists of boy names from (or inspired by) God’s Word.

1. 200 Bible Names for Boys

Browse this alphabetical list, which contains Scripture references and definitions. (Did you know Ezra means “my helper”?)

2. Boy Names From the Bible

These biblical boy names are listed in order of current popularity on the website. Rather unique Bible names are mentioned too, such as Abiah, Azariah, Boaz, Lazarus, Lucius, Phineas, and Rufus.

3. Classical Boy Names From Scripture

At this site, you’ll find summaries of each Bible name or character. (Example: Levi means “joined in harmony.”)

4. Boys Names Derived From the Bible

This resource offers charts of Bible-based names. For example, the name of Gospel-writer Luke means “light-giving.”

5. Boy Names From Aaron to Zephaniah

Check out the language of origin of these biblical boy names. Stephen, from Greek, means “crown” or “crowned.”

6. Biblical & Spiritual Boy Names

Ethan, a popular boy’s name these days, has roots in the Bible. He served in King David’s court, wrote Psalm 89, and was known for his wisdom. The name Ethan means “strong” or “firm.”

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