Ep 3. A SPECIAL ENCOURAGEMENT—Christian Living with Carla Peña

Here’s a short clip where Carla encourages us, the church, in journeying with God and growing in holiness.
The Christian journey is never meant to be taken alone and God has given us the local church – the fellowship and discipleship of committed believers – as His means of grace. We encourage you to visit and commit to a church, and thus be under the care of leaders and friends.

If you need help to get started in this journey, let’s have you connected! Please send us a private message 🙂
✅ Our full Christian Living series: https://www.cru.org/sg/en/stories/life-and-relationships/christian-living.html

❓🧐 Curious to talk more about any of these topics or how Christianity can impact your whole life? Message us here or fill up the form at the bottom of the Christian Living webpage, and we’ll love to connect with you!
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