Encouraging Parents to Dream Big & “Step Out” When God Calls on You

“If God calls you to it, he will equip you to do it!” -Kate Battistelli

Kate Battistelli is the best-selling author of The God Dare: Will You Choose to Believe the Impossible and Growing Great Kids: Partner with God to Cultivate His Purpose in Your Child’s Life. She is one of the three hosts of the popular Mom to Mom Podcast. Kate and her husband of 38 years laid down their careers in the Broadway theatre when they took their first “God Dare”, by moving out of New York City and into a life of homeschooling and home business.

Kate feels strongly about parents modeling humility to kids because children copy what they learn from the parent’s behavior. She discusses how this is really missing from the church, and we as Christian parents can help steer children down the right path by modeling Christ-like characteristics and biblical virtues such as humility.

Kate also encourages parents to dream big and be faithful that God has a plan for every child, and he will call on you as parents to step out and serve him in new and different ways when the timing permits!

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