Embracing Inconvenience- 12 God-given Traits for Lifelong Success


“Inconvenient parenting is a willingness to lay down our comforts and our conveniences for the sake of our children to help them become who God created them to be.” – Melissa Hannigan.

Melissa Hannigan holds a Master of Arts degree in counseling from Midwestern Theological Seminary. She is married to John Hannigan, and they have three daughters and a son who recently went to be with the Lord. Before becoming a full-time homeschool mom, Melissa worked with teen girls to overcome abuse, addictions, and trauma. She is passionate about helping people discover God’s best for their lives and families. Together, John and Melissa co-founded Ignite the Family, and she released her first book, Inconvenient Parenting, in August of 2023.

During this episode, Melissa discusses the profound impact of parenting and how to approach it with faith and grace. She shares her personal journey of grief and resilience, diving into the concept of “inconvenient parenting” and the 12 God-given traits that can shape a positive parenting journey. She explores the challenges of modern parenting, the significance of nurturing children’s unique gifts, and the delicate balance between meeting a child’s needs and instilling a sense of wonder and humility.

Melissa discusses her book, Inconvenient Parenting, and elaborates on the following 12 God-given parenting traits: wisdom, wonder, vitality, sensitivity, flexibility, curiosity, creativity, imagination, inventiveness, playfulness, humor, and joy. She mentions that these aren’t used as a checklist to see if your family has all these qualities; instead, they serve as traits to incorporate organically into everyday life and relationships. She is passionate about helping families unlock the potential that lies within every child and offers practical strategies to nurture and activate God-given traits.

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