Elementary Mother’s Day Craft: Bloomin’ Bookmarks


Surprise moms this Mother’s Day with Bloomin’ Bookmarks — the perfect reminders of God’s love that can be kept in a Bible!

You’ll need:

  • Bibles
  • 12-inch pieces of wide ribbon
  • sticky-back foam flowers and leaves
  • ultra fine-point permanent markers

Elementary Mother’s Day Craft: Bloomin’ Bookmarks

Read Proverbs 23:25. Give each child a ribbon and have kids form pairs so one child can hold a ribbon taut while the other writes. Invite partners to take turns writing “Proverbs 23:25”, starting about ½-inch from one end of the ribbon.

Say: God chose your mom just for you!

Leave some space after “Proverbs 23:25” and write, “I thank God for you because ____________________”, leaving a ½-inch space from the other end of the ribbon. (Let younger kids write only the fill-in-the-blank part. For example, “You take care of me.”)

Say: Moms help us bloom like flowers. Let kids each share one way their mom or an important woman in their life has helped them learn or grow.

Give kids the sticky-back foam stickers and have them stick two flowers back-to-back over the ribbon’s ½-inch blank space at one end and two leaves in the same way on the other end. Encourage kids to leave the bookmarks in their moms’ Bibles—at Proverbs 23 for an extra challenge.

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