Elementary and Preteen Icebreaker Game: Back-to-Back


Meeting new people and making friends can be a very challenging thing—even in a church environment. This simple elementary and preteen icebreaker game is a great way to help break down barriers and build new relationships. The best part is, there are no supplies required! 

Elementary and Preteen Icebreaker Game: Back-to-Back

Best for: Ages 6 to 12
Tools: None

Have kids each find a partner and stand back-to-back. Tell kids that on your signal, they must learn two things they never knew about their partners. Give each partner 30 seconds to get the information, and then switch partners. If a pair is having trouble finding a unique fact, offer suggestions for other get-to-know-you questions.

When you’ve played several rounds, have kids share with everyone the surprising things they discovered about other kids in their class.

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