Elementary and Preteen High Energy Game: Noodle Ball

High-energy fun you can create almost anywhere. All you need are pool noodles, an inflatable beach ball, and a bit of tape.

Elementary and Preteen High Energy Game: Noodle Ball

You’ll need half of a foam pool noodle per preteen (grab these on end-of-season clearance at your local discount store). Create a field of play by sticking a masking tape line down the center of your area and then creating two 4×4-foot boxes at each end for scoring.

Play noodle ball similar to soccer or hockey. Form two teams and select goalies. Place the ball on the center line, and on “go” each team tries to bat the ball into the other team’s score box.

After you’ve played, ask kids to discuss these questions:

  • How effective was your strategy to score?
  • What made this game challenging?

Read aloud John 16:33.


  • How was this game like or unlike challenges we face in everyday life?
  • What advice do you think Jesus would give you for facing daily challenges?

Close in prayer, asking God to help kids through any challenges.

Janice Knapp
North Lawrence, Ohio

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