Elementary and Preteen Game: Tangled in Friendship

In this game, preteens will learn names, get to know friends better, and discuss friendship while linking themselves together with yarn.

This low-energy game allows for preteens to get to know each other a little bit more and requires no prep!

Get to Know Each Other

You’ll need:

Have preteens sit in a circle.

Say: When it comes to friendship, the first step is knowing peoples’ names. We’re going to play a game that will help us see this. I want each person to say your name loudly. Then we all will say “hello” to this person using his or her name.

After everyone has greeted each other, explain that you want preteens to say their names again. But this time kids will also share their favorite hobby. For example, someone might say, “My name is Sara and I like horseback riding.” The group then will respond, “Hello Sara. You like horseback riding.”

Show kids the skein of yarn. Have one person tie the yarn to his or her wrist.

Tangled in Friendship

Say: Our friendship is growing! We’re really getting to know friends better now! Everyone has heard each other’s name and favorite hobby. [Name] will begin by saying either a person’s name or hobby. When you hear your name or hobby, hold up your hand so the yarn can be tossed to you. When you catch the yarn, wrap it around your wrist a few times. We’ll keep saying names or hobbies until everyone is holding the yarn. If you are called by your name, then say your hobby when you catch the yarn. If you are called by your hobby, then say your name.

Have kids repeat the process, each time tossing the yarn to someone new. If kids forget names or hobbies, have a volunteer on the opposite side of the circle say his or her name and hobby again. Keep the game moving until everyone has caught the yarn.

After the game, ask the group to look at the tangled web of yarn. Ask:

  • How is this pattern of yarn like friendship?
  • How does it feel to be a part of this yarn web?
  • Why are friendships important?

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