Earth Day Outreach for All Ages: Cleanup Committee


In this Earth Day outreach idea, kids and their families help take care of God’s creation.

Scripture: Psalm 24:1

You’ll need:

  • Bible
  • work gloves
  • eco-friendly trash bags

Earth Day Outreach for All Ages: Cleanup Committee

For this Earth Day outreach idea, plan to pick up cans, bottles, and trash in your community. Choose a section of town, a park, or several areas, depending on the size of your group, to target for cleanup. If necessary form separate groups with adult leaders as needed.

Gather kids and their families together for your service day. Begin by reading Psalm 24:1.

Say: In the beginning, God gave Adam care over all the earth. On Earth Day, we acknowledge God as Creator and honor him by taking care of what he made.

Have families work together to clean up the designated area. Separate trash from recyclables for disposal.

Afterward, help everyone reflect on the experience of the Earth Day outreach. Ask families what it was like to pick up other people’s trash. Close with a prayer, thanking God for his creation and asking him to help us remember to take care of it.

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