Durenda Wilson Explains How Time Management + Organic Interactions = Effective Homeschooling for a Successful Future


“The most effective form of learning educates the whole person, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It happens by sowing one tiny seed at a time, then watering, feeding, nurturing, and covering it all in prayer.” -Durenda Wilson.

Durenda Wilson has homeschooled and graduated 7 out of 8 children so far. She is a speaker, podcaster, and author who strives to encourage an unhurried homeschooling approach. Her book, The 4 Hour School Day, promises that you already have what it takes to give your child a healthy and successful future as she unpacks the lifelong advantages of home education.

Durenda elaborates on…

  • The many reasons why homeschooling isn’t a lesser alternative but actually has the potential to be superior to many other methods of education.
  • Misconceptions parents have as well as the truth regarding the outlook on homeschooling.
  • When teaching children basic principles at a young age, it is more effective for them to have organic interactions with their parents who know their learning style best versus sitting in a classroom with other children seven hours a day.

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