Dr. Scott Turansky Shares 3 Teachings to Help Children Have Heart-based Obedience

“Understanding the action point is a crucial idea that will help parents be more powerful and significant when working with their children.” -Dr. Scott Turansky.

Dr. Scott Turansky co-founded the National Center for Biblical Parenting and is the author of over 15 books. He is also a professor at Concordia University, where he teaches the master’s level Parenting Class to students who will be social workers, counselors, and ministry professionals. During this first part of the two-part episode series, Dr. Turansky discusses what he offers for families at Biblical Parenting University and shares important teachings from his book, Parenting is Heart Work, to help children have heart-based obedience. Biblical Parenting University is an online university where parents can take different parenting or coaching classes. These classes help parents learn how to take biblical principles and apply them to the parent-child relationship to teach children how to get things done and to help children develop essential life skills.

“Every one of the steps in the first cycle of getting things done is important because the cycle is building responsibility, responsiveness to authority, diligence, hard work, and perseverance… We are doing so much work here by helping children learn to follow instructions.” -Dr. Turansky.

Scott shares three important teachings from his book to help children obtain heart-based knowledge and obedience:
  1. Parents need to go into the heart – the three components that parents need to reach are their children’s desires, emotions, and beliefs.
  2. Parents need to recognize they are the best counselors for their kids IF they have a good plan – the best way to help your children overcome behavioral issues and temperament is to get some training as a parent first because the parent knows the child more than anyone else.
  3. Consider your action point – every parent has an action point, and when you stop talking and start acting through practical application and exercises, children can learn what they need to do in their own hearts versus what they don’t want to do.

Scott also details the “coming when called” exercise as an effective disciplining tool for children who don’t have an internal sense of obligation or tend to constantly argue instead of saying yes when called.

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