Dr. Kathy Koch: Having High Standards as Parents Does Not Mean Our Kids Have to be Perfect! (Part 3)

“There is a difference between excellence and perfection. Excellence allows for growth, and perfection doesn’t.” -Dr. Kathy Koch

Dr. Kathy Koch, an author, speaker, and follower of Jesus, earned a Ph.D. in reading and educational psychology from Purdue University and influences thousands of parents, teachers, and children worldwide. She is the Founder and President of Celebrate Kids and an associate founder of Ignite the Family. She speaks through keynote messages, seminars, and chapels and is a popular guest on Focus on the Family radio and other radio talk shows.

In this final episode of the three-part series, Dr. Kathy Koch continues to share her knowledge and discusses two more of her books, No More Perfect Kids: Love Your Kids For Who They Are and Resilient Kids: Raising Them to Embrace Life with Confidence.

Dr. Kathy elaborates on the following topics:
  • How parents can overcome the “perfection infection” and have high expectations and high standards without requiring perfectionism.
  • Five ideas to help parents have realistic standards for their children: grieve what isn’t, accept what is, reject the lies, embrace the truth, and work on what you can.
  • The importance of having resilience, which is when you readily recover from difficult circumstances, and how it can be a solution to the perfect parenting problem.
  • How resiliency in life is pertinent; spiritual resiliency in our relationship with God can help us through many of life’s difficulties.
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