Dr. Joshua Straub Offers Guidance to Help Parents Show Up Intentionally for Their Families


“When we make it about us, what we do is that we fail to enter into those small moments…Those small moments are what gives us relational capital later for our kids to come to us in big moments.” -Dr. Joshua Straub.

Dr. Josh Straub is a speaker, author, marriage and leadership coach, and podcast and TV cohost. He is the author or coauthor of eight books, including the book Famous at Home: 7 Decisions to Put Your Family Center Stage in a World Competing for Your Time, Attention, and Identity. He and his wife, Christi, lead Famous at Home, a company equipping leaders and corporations in emotional intelligence and healthy family systems, and they host the Famous at Home podcast. He is most renowned for his role as a husband and dad.

During this episode, Joshua shares his passion for helping parents cultivate God’s love in their children from an early age. He elaborates on the following key points:

  • The benefits of building emotional safety and emotional intelligence in children from a biblical standpoint.
  • Rubber band moments: children have these moments that don’t seem important, so we tend to plow over them, but if it is meaningful to our children, we should take the time and energy to understand them instead of ignoring those moments because we are too busy.
  • When we understand that our identity lies in Christ and that we can choose to live from love, not for love, and we can show up for our family and not just be physically present, we can experience a huge shift in our hearts.
  • In the individualized Western world that we live in, where it’s all about social media and success, it adds pressure to parents who are experiencing feelings of inadequacy.
  • One of the best ways to practice not being so busy and making time for children is to rediscover Sabbath.
  • It takes work to “rest;” you have to plan it, or else you’ll resort back to the way of life that you were living, which was being too busy and not having time to show up mentally for your family.

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