Don’t Worry Moms, Mom Guilt is REAL & There Is a Way to Overcome It!

Do you deal with mom guilt? Well, if so, this episode is for you.

“When I brought my firstborn home from the hospital, I was snapping the buttons on his onesie to get him to sleep, and I snapped the last snap by his neck and pinched his skin. He let out a piercing scream and started crying. I never forgot it because I felt so guilty about it! I recently saw a mother at the grocery store with her toddler, and her baby kept trying to crawl out of the seat in the cart. In frustration, as she was putting him back into the cart for probably the tenth time, his leg got stuck, and he let out a scream and started crying. You could see the mommy guilt written all over her face! Or what about needing to take some time off for yourself, so you call the babysitter and go off to lunch only to continually recall the image of your baby girl clinging to your leg, begging you not to go.” -Lee Ann Mancini

Mommy guilt is real, and if it is not addressed, it can cripple you from being the parent you are meant to be. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen accidentally, and nothing could have prevented it.

So, how can we stop mom guilt? Throughout this episode, Lee Ann addresses the many ways you can overcome mom guilt.

Additional resources to help with mommy guilt: Mommy Grace: Erasing Your Mommy Guilt, by Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman & Mommy Guilt: Learn to Worry Less, Focus on What Matters Most, and Raise Happier Kids by Julie Bort, Aviva Pflock, and Devra Renner.

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