Discover the Most Important Skill You Need

For a kidmin leader, what is the most vital skill or ability? As a children’s ministry leader, do you need speaking skills? charisma? great vision-casting? organizational prowess? boundless creativity? Yes, those are all good characteristics. But I believe the most important skill kidmin leaders need is the ability to raise up leaders.

A successful children’s ministry is not a group of spectators watching an all-star perform. It’s a team of empowered leaders working together to make an impact that’s bigger than anything someone could do alone.

Kidmin Leader: Ask Yourself These 11 Questions

Take time to honestly answer these 11 self-evaluation questions. They can open your eyes to your leadership style and possible improvements to make.

1. Am I doing all the teaching, or am I equipping others to teach?

2. Is it okay if other people get the credit for wins?

3. If I sit quietly in the background, will everything run smoothly?

4. Can I name three people I’m currently investing in?

5. When people think about our kidmin leadership, do they think about a one-person show? Or do they think about a team of people?

6. How much time do I spend investing in others each week?

7. Am I the only one people can come to for help or answers?

8. Who is leading something that I used to lead? And how did that transition happen?

9. Do I enjoy putting the spotlight on others more than I enjoy being in it?

10. Do I focus more on what I can do? Or do I seek and emphasize what I can empower others to do?

11. Is the reason the ministry is small enough to pull off by myself due to the fact that I’m pulling it off by myself?

Remember: As a children’s ministry leader, it’s not what you can do. It’s what you can empower others to do.

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